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Are you wondering what all this buzz about video content marketing is?

And are you thinking about consulting an agency that does video production in Dubai to clarify your doubts?

Well, you are on the right track to seeking expert and professional advice from non-other than Elite Creative Dubai. Video marketing has come a long way in terms of promoting businesses and engaging audiences. It has become a vital feature for any business to grow in the industry and make a reputed brand among people. Just like everything else in this world, the ways of advertising have evolved. There are many forms of advertising, from billboards to social media posts. But one of the most successful advertising forms is through video production.

Gone are the days when video advertisements appeared only on TV. There are various platforms to showcase video marketing, such as YouTube, Social Media platforms and websites. Most people now include video production in their marketing strategies. Videos bring more benefits to a company in terms of viewers than articles and websites without videos.

So, doubt no more. Elite Creative produces high-quality commercial videos that convert your visions into reality. Before getting to how Elite Creative can help you, let’s dive into the world of video content marketing and understand its importance in this day and age for businesses.

So, what is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is the process of creating videos for any platform to attract and engage customers, which will eventually convert into sales. More and more companies find success by doing video content marketing. For instance, around 70% of companies in Dubai now use this content marketing method, and a majority of them think video content marketing plays an integral part in their marketing strategies. Therefore, video content is a powerful method to advertise in the digital age. More companies are getting on board with the idea of delivering content in this manner.

The benefits of video content.

  • Show the story instead of writing - Your chance to show the story to the audience. It keeps the people engaged in the video, whether you are promoting your services or products. 75% of the people are more likely to contact businesses or purchase products through them after watching videos related to the company. No one wants to read pages and pages bragging about the services and products offered.

  • Call-to-action – This provides the perfect opportunity for you to include call-to-action. You can, without a doubt, get the viewers to visit the website, sign up or purchase something by having a strong call-to-action.

  • Influence decisions – Most of the time, people find themselves on the fence thinking about whether to buy something or not. Video content comes in handy in a situation like this. With videos, you can convey the exact message using visual aids that will help the viewer to understand the benefits of using your products or services easily.

  • Brand awareness – Imagine what will happen if your video content showing your brand goes viral? You’ll get an enormous amount of traffic and sales, no denying that. That is what a creative, unique, and high-quality video can do for you.

  • Ranking – You can get your website to rank higher in search results when you have videos included in your site. It happens when people spend more time watching your videos on the site. It is an important ranking factor. The more time spent, the higher the chances of getting a higher rank.

No matter how many benefits there are, you must develop a good strategy and execute it well for video marketing to work. Our highly skilled media production experts at Elite Creative have years of experience and can help you achieve what you want.

Why Elite Creative Dubai?

Elite Creative consists of highly skilled experts with years and years of hands-on experience in video productions. The goal at Elite Creative is to make your content attractive, engaging, and unique in all ways possible. The focus is to provide top-quality services while bringing in more traffic to your business channels.

The key to success, especially when it comes to video content, is having a creative mindset behind the scene. There should be a passion and commitment to create top-notch videos that convey the exact message you want to get across and keep the viewers interested. Our team at Elite Creative brings just that, passion and commitment. Moreover, an experienced, innovative, and knowledgeable team is just what you need to thrive.

Dubai is a place of endless opportunities, and this is your opportunity to showcase to the world what your business is capable of doing through video content.

So why wait? Get in touch with us now, and get a free quote. Visit

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